“Navigating the Future: a2 Nexus at the Japan Conference”

IVS Conference: Gateway to the Japan Market
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IVS 2024 Kyoto Conference, the biggest startup executive event in Japan since 2007, convenes in Kyoto from July 04th to July 06th at Kyoto Pulse Plaza. It connects over 5,000 startups, 3,000 founders, 1,500 investors, and 1,000 others. This transition from an “invitation-only conference” to a “platform” offers the next generation of entrepreneurs the chance to thrive in Asia. Explore Japan’s heritage and latest innovations in Web2, Web3, and AI. The event also invites startups from all across the globe to participate in the IVS Launchpad, the Largest pitch contest in Japan.For details, visit the event website.

Breaking Ground in Japan
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Japan; a growing innovation Hub

Japan has emerged as a global leader in technological innovation and advancement over the years. Renowned for its prowess in robotics, artificial intelligence, and sustainable technology, Japan stands as a global leader in innovation. In the heart of Japan lies Kyoto, a city where ancient traditions meet with innovation. The Kyoto Venture Forum (KVF) is an innovative coalition of local entrepreneurs and city officials that has been instrumental in stimulating entrepreneurship and cluster development in the Kyoto region.

Key Benefits:
  • Japanese Visa: Get an exclusive business visa for the world’s 2nd strongest passport to freely explore the country.
  • Networking Opportunities: Get a chance to connect with business leaders, global policymakers and cultural icons from all over the world.
  • International Business Expansion: Platform for you to expand your business into untapped markets of Japan through networking with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Learning and Development: Leaders from every sector will be sharing insights into the latest trends and technologies across industries..
  • Investor Access: IVS2024 offers startups and entrepreneurs direct access to diverse investors through pitch contests for growth and expansion.
  • Business Promotion: Promote your unique offering at pitch contest and showcase your services as an exhibitor
  • Employment Opportunities: The Japanese government has signed a MOC with Pakistan for “Specified Skilled Workers,” aiming to provide jobs for Pakistani youngsters in technology and IT, helping outsourcing companies place their talent
A Platform for Innovation
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At the Japan IVS Conference, a2 nexus took center stage, unveiling its latest advancements and groundbreaking technologies. From AI-powered algorithms to blockchain innovations, a2 nexus underscored its dedication to pushing the limits of innovation. Throughout the event, company delegates actively contributed to stimulating discussions, joined compelling panels, and shared insights with esteemed peers, cementing their position among industry leaders.

  • Delegation Activities
  • 1.Exclusive Visits:
    ● Organized tours to IT Park and technology zones in Japan, such as Kanagawa Science Park (KSP).
    ● Insights on the latest technological advancements, industry trends, tech startups and established IT businesses.
    2. Event Participation:
    ● The IVS Kyoto promises to be an exceptional event for anyone involved in startups or interested in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Check the event agenda.
    ● With 250 sessions held on 17 stages, featuring over 700 top-ranked startups from Japan and abroad, it offers a variety of content to suit different interests.
    ● The event offers funding opportunities and networking experiences through Launchpad, Pitch Stage, VC Accelerator Pitch, Research Seeds Reverse and Pitch Incubation Area
    ● IVS Launchpad is the largest pitch contest in Japan, with over 450 startups selected to pitch to investors and CXOs
    ● Attendees can engage in workshops, and visit corporate booths.
Forging Strategic Partnerships
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A pivotal moment during  a2 nexus‘ presence at the Japan IVS Conference was the initiation of strategic partnerships with Japanese counterparts. These collaborations with local enterprises and technology firms present promising prospects for growth and expansion. Through the pooling of resources and synergistic efforts, a2 nexus is poised to fortify its foothold in the Japanese market and extend its reach globally.

In addition to showcasing its own innovations, a2 nexus keenly observed emerging trends and technological advancements showcased by other participants at the conference. From robotics and IoT to virtual reality and quantum computing, the event offered a comprehensive overview of the tech landscape. By staying abreast of the latest developments, a2 nexus is better equipped to adapt to changing market dynamics and anticipate future trends.

Logistic Costs: $2,000-2,500 (self-funded)

Logistic Costs: $2,000-2,500 (self-funded)
  This estimated costs include flights, accommodation, food and other travel expenses

How to Participate:

Join A2 Nexus in this prestigious event and elevate your business on an international scale. Please fill out the form if you haven’t before. For more detailed information, please visit A2 Nexus.

Participation Fee:
     $1,000 (Pay using this link) Deadline: 15th May, 2024 Payment can also be made through Wise, Payoneer or Wire Transfer.

Package Includes:

   ● Visa Consultation and Support:

     ○ Our dedicated team provides guidance on documentation and supports you throughout the visa application process, ensuring a smooth entry into Japan.

   ● Market Access Program:

     ○ Gain access to our comprehensive introduction and matchmaking services, connecting you with industry leaders for      expansion into the Japanese market.

      ○ Network with over 60 country leaders and forge valuable partnerships.

   ● Delegation Activities:

       ○ Enjoy exclusive visits to key tech hubs and innovation centers in Japan mentioned above.

   ● Conference Tickets:

        ○ Gain access to IVS2024 Kyoto Conference and engage in workshops, networking events, and visit corporate booths to explore business opportunities.

   ● Event Participation Opportunities:

       ○ Seize the opportunity to showcase your unique offering at pitch contests and as an exhibitor, promoting your services to a global audience. Participate in Launchpad, Pitch Stage, VC Accelerator Pitch, Research Seeds Reverse, and Pitch Incubation Area for enhanced visibility and networking.

   ● Logistic Support:

        ○ Receive logistical support, ensuring seamless coordination and organization of all delegation activities, including visits, dinners, and event participation.

         ○ Our team handles all planning and execution, allowing you to focus on maximizing your experience at IVS Kyoto.

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The Japan IVS Conference served as a prominent stage for a2 nexus to showcase its prowess on the global scale, fostering connections with industry counterparts and acquiring invaluable insights into technology’s trajectory. Through its participation in this esteemed gathering, a2 nexus reaffirmed its status as a pioneer in the tech sphere, emphasizing its relentless pursuit of innovation. With a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries, a2 nexus sets a promising course for itself and the broader tech ecosystem, promising a future illuminated by innovation and possibility.

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