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AI Tools

AI encompasses the field of developing computer systems capable of emulating human intelligence to perform various tasks. These tasks range from comprehending human language and identifying patterns in data to problem-solving and adapting to novel situations.

Generative AI facilitates the creation of text, images, video, audio, and code based on natural language inputs from users. Its applications span across diverse departments and businesses of all sizes. Professionals such as lawyers, developers, actuaries, market analysts, sales representatives, and HR personnel are increasingly utilizing generative AI tools in their everyday operations.

DALL-E, developed by OpenAI, the same creators of ChatGPT, represents an extension of the GPT architecture into the visual domain. Operating on textual prompts, it generates images as output.

Introducing DALL-E 3, an image generator integrated within ChatGPT by OpenAI. Its simplicity makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, yielding intriguing results whether you’re a novice or an expert in crafting image prompts. It serves as an excellent gateway into the realm of AI-driven image generation.

DALL-E finds diverse applications across creative and practical fields. In graphic design, it enables the creation of bespoke visuals tailored for marketing collateral, websites, and artistic endeavors. Moreover, it enhances content creation workflows by autonomously generating relevant images for articles, presentations, and social media posts based on textual input.

Competing with DALL-E are platforms such as Midjourney, Craiyon, and Stable Diffusion, among others.

Harnessing the power of Zapier, users can seamlessly integrate DALL-E to automate tasks like image generation from transcripts, chat logs, or other applications in their workflow.

General Information:
ChatGPT is a chatbot created by OpenAI and it was released on November 30, 2022. It is developed using the Python programming language and powered by the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 engines.

  • Release Date: November 30, 2022

  • Programming Language: Python

  • Developers: OpenAI, Microsoft Corporation

  • Engine: GPT-3.5 (free and paid); GPT-4 (paid only)

  • License: Proprietary

  • Platform: Cloud computing platforms

ChatGPT, even with its imperfections, is an innovative conversational AI model that provides users with the ability to guide and shape conversations to their liking concerning length, style, and language choices.
ChatGPT, at its core, is a part of the GPT family of models known for their adeptness at understanding and creating human-like text based on user inputs. This chatbot in particular is trained to engage in discussions that are natural, yet coherent, on a broad spectrum of topics.
The importance of ChatGPT lies in its significant contribution to the development of conversational AI technology. It offers robust capabilities to interact with users through organic language dialogues in various practical applications. However, it invites reflection on vital matters like ethical implications, user experience, seamless integration, and the safeguarding of data privacy.
Enjoy conversing with ChatGPT, embracing its quirks, and navigating the evolving landscape of conversational AI!

The Improved Claude 2 AI Model

Claude 2 is the latest natural language AI model produced and published by Anthropic, a company established by Dario Amodei, a former worker at OpenAI. Claude 2 is designed to possess a greater capacity for input and output and have advanced performance in comparison to its previous version.
Claude 2 Features:

  • Anthropic’s Claude 2, a secure and innovative chatbot, showcases an exceptional memory, being able to recall up to 150,000 words within each conversation. This feature enables lengthy, step-by-step discussions on a problem or the option to upload a PDF and pose questions.

  • Claude can also be integrated with numerous other applications through Zapier. To learn more about the automation of Claude or to start with one of the pre-create workflows available.

Technology Behind Claude 2:

  • Claude 2 operates using parameters to create output and predict the following word. By utilizing its trained data, Claude 2 grasps the inputs provided by users and generates responses based on the given prompts. Moreover, Claude 2 utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to interpret the meanings embedded in sentences and produce output suitable for the user’s linguistic needs.

  • What’s Different with Claude 2:

    • The latest feature introduced in Claude 2 enables up to 100k token inputs. This allows for the processing of hundreds of pages of PDF documents. Essentially, users can work on 200 pages of text or even the entirety of a book. Users have the option to upload documents, emails, FAQs, and chat transcripts as input for Claude 2 to modify, rewrite, analyze, summarize, and translate.

Describing Botify’s functionalities can be complex due to its diverse range of services offered both within the app and by the company independently.

The software aids site owners and SEO experts in understanding the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal crawlability by search engines, regardless of their type.

Botify Analytics now serves as the central hub for comprehending organic search performance effortlessly.

There are numerous compelling reasons for SEO professionals to utilize Botify, spanning from crawling and keyword analysis to conversion optimization. However, the primary objective driving investment in the Botify platform is to maximize organic search performance, specifically by attracting visitors through search engines. While metrics such as indexed URLs, ranking terms, and SERP positions are noteworthy, the ultimate focus remains on driving traffic.

In essence, Botify’s approach underscores the importance of understanding the search process to effectively drive traffic to your content. This perspective views search as akin to a funnel.

In the latest update to Botify Analytics, alongside the Analytics Overview accessible to new customers and those on Essential, Pro, or Enterprise plans, several smaller enhancements have been introduced across the Analytics suite. One notable addition is the integration of URL Explorer Bookmarks within SiteCrawler, facilitating the efficient generation and retrieval of crucial URL lists for implementing fixes and enhancements. This feature acknowledges the significant role that such lists play for Botify users, enabling streamlined workflows and improved productivity.

URL Explorer Bookmarks in SiteCrawler


Lovo.aiis an advanced AI voice generator software that is designed to transform text into natural-sounding speech. It’s armed with over 500 unique AIvoices that are capable of speaking in more than 100 languages and a variety of emotions, making it a versatile tool for content creators, educators, marketers, and businesses.
How work? uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques to analyze text and convert it into speech that mimics human-like intonations and patterns. Users can customize the pitch, speed, emphasis, and even add unnecessary pauses to ensure the voiceover meets their specific requirements.
Can I try for free?
Yes, offers a free 14-day trial, allowing new users to experience its Pro Plan features, including generating up to 20 minutes of high-quality AI speech. No credit card information is required to sign up for the trial. stands out due to its vast selection of voices and languages, the ability to fine-tune voiceovers with precise controls, and its user-friendly interface. Additionally, offers unique features such as voice cloning, where users can create a digital voice that mimics their own or another’s voice, and an integrated AI art generator for visual content creation!

What makes different from other AI voice generators?

                                                                                                       Mic Drop Moments Made by Lovo AI stands out due to its vast selection of voices and languages, the ability to fine-tune voiceovers with precise controls, and its user-friendly interface. Additionally, offers unique features such as voice cloning, where users can create a digital voice that mimics their own or another’s voice, and an integrated AI art generator for visual content creation.

How can lawyers use AI in law firms?

The legal industry currently uses AI in many aspects of its work. AI in law firms may not be explicitly noticeable—but it helps lawyers and paralegals do their jobs better.
Specifically, AI in law firms helps legal professionals transform their practice by putting clients first in an unprecedented way.
Below are just a few of the ways lawyers can take advantage of AI in their firms. Be sure to check out our full AI for lawyers hub for even more resources.
The simplest and most common form of AI in law is e-discovery: the process of scanning electronic information to obtain non-privileged information relevant to a case or claim.
E-discovery software allows lawyers to scan documents using search terms or specific parameters, such as dates or geographic location.
As a result, lawyers get almost instant responses—which is significantly faster than scanning hard copies. This extra time allows lawyers to discover more relevant information.

Legal research

While it can’t do the legal research for you, similar to e-discovery software, AI for lawyers makes the process faster and more efficient.

AI-powered legal research software allows legal professionals to quickly scan and search large databases, including:

  • Regulations

  • Statutes

  • Practice areas

  • Jurisdictions

  • Case laws, and more.

With legal research software, lawyers can gather data and help them understand precedents.
Conducting more comprehensive research at faster speeds saves lawyers time, which ultimately saves clients money. Tools that integrate with practice management software—such as Casetext and *Fastcase—*enable users to conduct and attach research directly to relevant case details, allowing for even greater efficiency.
Learn more about how to conduct great legal research.

Document management and automation

While law firms continue to move away from paper documents, electronic document storage has similar challenges hard copy document storage. Electronic records take less physical space, but sorting and finding documents is still challenging.
Using tagging and profiling functionality, AI-driven document management software stores and organizes legal files, including contracts, case files, notes, and emails. This method of storing and organizing digital files, along with full-text search, makes documents a lot easier to find.
Document management solutions also enable document ID and check-in/check-out privileges to maintain version control and security. Also, document management software can connect to other systems like Microsoft Office to easily share files with others.

Document automation helps law firms create documents using intelligent templates; legal professionals can automatically fill form fields directly from case records into the templates, saving time and effort. Legal document automation provides a centralized and efficient process for producing letters, agreements, motions, pleading, bills, invoices, and other legal documents.

Due diligence

Conducting due diligence often requires legal professionals to review a large number of documents, such as contracts. As with other document-related challenges, AI can help legal professionals review documents more quickly.

An AI-based due diligence solution can pull specific documents required for due diligence, like documents containing a specific clause. AI due diligence software can also spot variations or changes in documents.

The best part? AI can go through documents in seconds. While we recommend still having a human review the data, lawyers can benefit from drastically reducing the manual effort of document review.

Litigation analysis

Determining the viability of litigation or quantifying the value of a lawsuit requires extensive analysis of precedent-setting cases. Lawyer AI can quickly review those precedents and help lawyers draft more accurate and appropriate documents based on that data. is a business-centric AI platform that provides a self-service, no-friction, no-code approach to AI development. It enables users to quickly and easily build AI-enabled solutions to solve business problems and to create value.

Through its end-to-end AI platform, users are able to access data from multiple sources and connect them to pipelines in minutes. Additionally, Wand provides users with autonomy, flexibility, and collaboration to bring their ideas to life.

Autonomy allows users to take control of the design and build of business solutions without dependencies, and flexibility allows users to work the way they want, whether low code or no code.

Collaboration allows users to share and work together on data and pipelines in order to simplify AI for the whole organization. With Wand, users can leverage the power of AI creation, from business users to data scientists, in order to significantly improve their business outcomes.


Wand AI is a no-code AI platform providing a user-friendly interface for businesses to incorporate AI into their workflow. The suite of AI tools includes natural language processing, predictive analytics, computer vision, and voice recognition.

Wand AI’s platform saves businesses time and resources by automating the process of building and running AI applications. Costs are scalable and affordable, beginning with 25 free Wand Units. Wand AI democratizes AI, making the platform accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background.

The platform is customizable, versatile, and supports integration with other tools through APIs. Among the alternatives to Wand AI, there are the low-code/no-code tools Dystr, The no-code platform for building AI-powered apps, and BuildFire, and the platform for building machine learning models, MLJAR.

Wand AI is a no-code AI platform that allows businesses to solve their complex problems quickly and intuitively, regardless of their technical background. By providing a user-friendly interface, Wand AI has made it possible for anyone to exploit the benefits of AI without needing a deep understanding of its complexities. With its no-code approach, Wand AI aims to democratize AI and make it accessible to everyone.

Wand AI provides a suite of AI tools that can be used for various business applications, including natural language processing, predictive analytics, computer vision, and voice recognition. These tools are designed to be easy to use, making it possible for even non-technical team members to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

With Wand AI, businesses can harness the power of AI without having to hire a team of data scientists or invest in expensive hardware and software. Wand AI’s platform is built to scale, giving businesses the flexibility to start small and expand as their needs grow.

Wand AI is committed to helping businesses achieve success by providing a platform that is easy to use, customizable, and versatile. By simplifying the process of AI adoption, Wand AI empowers  businesses to create value, gain critical insights, and make informed decisions.

Overall, Wand AI’s no-code AI platform and suite of tools are ideal for businesses looking to incorporate AI into their workflow without having to invest in extensive training or additional hires. With its user-friendly interface and flexibility, Wand AI provides a streamlined solution that allows businesses to do more with less.


No-Code Platform

Build AI solutions without coding

Wand AI’s no-code platform empowers both non-technical and technical users to easily create and run enterprise-grade AI applications, all in a plug-and-play, drag-and-drop manner. This approach saves businesses significant amounts of time and resources, eliminating the need for extensive training or dedicated AI teams. With Wand AI, businesses can simply design, build, and manage their AI solutions to improve their business outcomes.

No technical skills required

Wand AIs no-code approach democratizes AI adoption by making the platform accessible to anyone. Businesses can leverage the power of AI without needing extensive knowledge of programming languages or prior experience with machine learning. With Wand AI, businesses can solve their complex problems intuitively, regardless of their technical background.

Increased speed and efficiency

Wand AIs no-code platform saves businesses significant amounts of time and resources by automating the process of building and running AI applications. This streamlined approach allows businesses to quickly develop and iterate on their AI solutions, resulting in faster go-to-market times and improved business outcomes.

Glean AI Key Features

Unmatched Intelligence & VisibilityGain insights into spending trends, detect areas of overspending, and increase ROI with vendors.
Time-Saving AutomationEliminate manual tasks with automated data extraction, GL coding, approvals, and payments.
Robust Data BenchmarkingLeverage proprietary benchmarking data and negotiate better deals with vendors.
Centralized CollaborationAccess vendor data in one centralized location and collaborate on budgets with teammates.
Simplify Vendor Spend ManagementSimplifies AP management by identifying hard-to-detect trends, getting deep insights into core drivers, and uncovering areas of overspending to increase your ROI with vendors.
Vendor BenchmarkingCompare your spending with peers.
Powerful Spend InsightsDetect billing errors and anomalies and receive vendor savings recommendations.
Integrate with Top GL SystemsSync bills and payments seamlessly.
User-Friendly SetupEasy implementation for finance teams.
FileCompany IntegrationConnect with FileCompany for financial insights.
Wide Array of Invoice SolutionsTailor-made solutions to solve invoice challenges.
Integrate with General Ledger and BankSeamlessly connect with your GL and bank accounts.
Vendor MappingMap vendors to default GL accounts for streamlined reporting.
Real-Time Spend AnalyticsGet insights into your spending in real time.
Email Alerts and NotificationsReceive notifications for billing issues, renewals, and late invoices.

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